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Sprinkler System Advice for Quantity Surveyors

Quantity surveyors looking to accurately calculate the materials and equipment needed to install, upgrade or replace a fire sprinkler system can benefit from Base Fire Sprinklers' expertise.

Our work with building designers and developers has given us years of experience and a proven track record collaborating with third parties in a consultancy capacity, to help keep developments on schedule and within budget.


The work done by quantity surveyors is essential to the smooth delivery of a project. With external support from Base Fire Sprinklers, you can ensure that your calculations are correct while minimising excess spend on materials that are not needed.


We can also help make sure that no essential materials or equipment are missed, to prevent delays and disruption to installation work, and to put in place a fire sprinkler system that complies with any minimum capacity regulations.

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Our Latest Projects

How Base Fire Sprinklers Can Help

With more than 30 years of industry experience, Base Fire Sprinklers are familiar with older sprinkler systems that need to be improved or replaced.


Our experts can assess old sprinklers that are not functional or in a poor state of repair, and provide accurate and optimised quantity estimates for the materials needed to put them right.


The comprehensive report we provide you with at the end of our investigation can set out our recommendations for upgrades or complete replacement as appropriate, along with cost budgets that you can factor into your total project spend.


All of our inspections are meticulous, from the water supply and storage tank, to the pipes and sprinkler heads, ensuring that every aspect of your sprinkler system complies with the capacity requirements, number of sprinkler heads and so on.


We will communicate our findings clearly, allowing you to make a fully informed decision, and giving you the power to determine final costs and quantities.

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Catering for Bespoke Sprinkler Installations

Every fire sprinkler system is unique, due to the nature of the regulations that apply. In addition to determining which category your property falls into, along with the size of water tank that is required, we can computer-model pipes and flow rates with a high degree of accuracy.


This all helps us to identify the number and position of sprinkler heads that are needed to protect all areas of the property, without missing any corners and alcoves.


Again, our expertise means we can recommend the most efficient configuration of concealed sprinkler heads for each room, reducing the amount of redundant pipework you need to install.


Using performance materials such as CPVC piping, we can help you to keep costs down not only by estimating the correct quantity of piping required, but by optimising the use of materials once they are purchased.

Here When You Need Us


We know that in a fast-moving property development process, you need us to be here to help you with quantity assessments to keep things progressing on schedule.


Base Fire Sprinklers aim to provide a prompt and reliable service, working within planned itineraries and alongside third-party contractors and trades who may be supplying services of their own at the same time.


Our personnel respect all parties' right - and need - to access different areas for planning and surveying purposes. We will work with you and your suppliers to ensure that we do not tread on anyone's toes.


Quantity surveyors are a crucial element in planning projects and delivering them smoothly. You can trust Base Fire Sprinklers to provide the best quality of service, compliant with any relevant legal obligations and insurance commitments, for a safe and efficient outcome.

Get In Touch


If you would like to ask our friendly and knowledgeable team anything about our fire sprinkler consultancy services for quantity surveyors, please get in touch with Base Fire Sprinklers today and we will be happy to help.


We welcome all enquiries, even at a very early stage - so if you have an upcoming project and are looking to line up your third-party contractors ahead of time, just give us a call and we can discuss our availability with you.


Our agile team will always do our best to accommodate your schedule, so contact us as soon as possible to give us the best opportunity to do so.

Water Tank Capacity Calculator

Our Online Water Tank Size Calculator provides a free estimate of tank size requirements for a residential fire sprinkler system. This easy-to-use online tool will help you determine the right sizing for your water tank needs.

Math Notebook and Calculator

Contact Us

Base Fire Sprinklers provide a first class sprinkler system consultancy service to quantity surveyors. We ensure the compliance and safety of buildings across the UK, with projects in areas such as Stockport, Manchester, Warrington, Liverpool, Leeds and Sheffield.

We are renowned for our knowledge, experience and dedication to fire safety design, installation and project cost forecasting. Base Fire Sprinklers is your trusted partner for all your fire safety needs, from design and installation to repairs and inspection of fire sprinklers. We use only the highest quality materials and equipment to ensure that your system is operating at its optimal performance.

Additionally, our maintenance programs offer peace of mind, knowing that your system is being regularly checked and maintained. We are here to provide you with a fire sprinkler solution that meets your needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our services or visit our design, installation, servicing & repair pages to see how we can assist you with each step of the process.

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