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Residential Property Developer Sprinkler System Services

We provide fire sprinkler system services for residential property developers. We design and install fire suppression systems in new build, renovation or change of use projects.

From design and supply, to installation and maintenance, Base Fire Sprinklers provide an end-to-end service to take the strain out of fire sprinkler installation for residential property developers.


By consulting Base Fire Sprinklers, you can be confident that your sprinkler system will be up to current standards and comply with all the necessary legislation.


Our experience and expertise mean that we are your first-choice partner for fire sprinkler systems in new or refurbished developments, offering a seamless working relationship that keeps your project on schedule and under budget.


We consult on large blocks of flats, apartment buildings, and developments of individual and detached dwellings - so whatever you're building, we can help you to make it safe.

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Why fire sprinklers matter to developers

Incidents like the fire at Grenfell Tower offer a graphic reminder of the importance of controlling fires in large residential buildings, especially blocks with multiple households.


A properly maintained domestic sprinkler system works as intended in 94% of incidents, and is able to control the fire as planned in 99% of those cases. This prevents additional damage to the property, with only minimal water damage in a confined area immediately surrounding the sprinkler head, as opposed to unchecked fire damage throughout the residence.


Crucially, domestic sprinkler systems give occupants time to escape without the fire spreading to adjacent rooms or blocking exit routes - reducing the risk of injury and preventing loss of life.


Finally, by delaying the spread of the fire, sprinkler systems give emergency services longer to respond, adding valuable minutes during which the property might otherwise be completely destroyed.

What problems can Residential Property Developers face when planning fire protection systems?

Fire Sprinkler Services for Residential Property Developers must take into account a number of challenges that are unique to them.


Many of the properties overseen by developers include high-rise, multi-occupancy buildings, which can be more difficult to protect from damage compared to small, single-family homes.


Some of the challenges we have helped property developer tackle include:

  • Large open plan rooms

  • Open stairwells

  • Common areas and kitchens

  • Compartmentalising dwellings, such as ground floor lobbies and flats above

  • Methods of escape, such as stairwells and corridors, being at risk


These situations, as well as many others, must be considered when designing fire sprinkler systems for property developers. These buildings need careful planning, as the system will be protecting a large number of people and a high value of assets, as they provide housing and security for many occupants.

Does my building need sprinklers?

Many residential property developments need sprinklers installed by law - and all homes can benefit from the installation of fire safety measures to protect possessions and prevent loss of life.


In Wales, the law requires that all new-build residential properties must be fitted with fire sprinkler systems. If you are planning a residential property development in Wales, please contact us to find out more.


Legislation varies around the UK. In England, amendments made to Approved Document B (Fire Safety) Volume 1 in 2020 mean that all residential blocks over 11 metres tall must have sprinklers throughout the building.


We can help you to determine which category your premises fall into and can design, supply and install sprinkler systems with sufficient capacity, which comply with British Standards BS 9251 and BS EN 12845.

Fire sprinkler categories for residential developments

Fire sprinkler categories 1-4 specify how many sprinkler heads you should install, how much water they should supply and how long they should operate for in the event of a fire.


This is important, as it also affects the size of water tank you should install for tank-fed sprinkler systems in residential dwellings.


Your development's fire sprinkler category depends on its size and occupancy. Category 1 starts from individual dwellings and small blocks of flats, ranging up to Category 4 for residential blocks more than 18 metres tall.


It's likely that future changes in legislation will see more properties moved into higher categories, or stricter rules put in place for existing categories. Please contact us to find out the latest criteria that apply to your development.

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For All Residential Buildings

Protecting What Matters

Our end-to-end fire sprinklers service

No matter what stage of development you are at, we can help give your residential property the fire sprinkler system it needs.

We offer an end-to-end sprinkler service, including:


  • Consultation: Find out what category your development falls into and what this means for your sprinkler system.

  • Design: Benefit from our expertise and CAD software to create a bespoke design with simulated flow rates.

  • Supply: We supply all hardware including sprinkler heads, pipes and water tank, giving you a single sub-contractor to work with.

  • Installation: All hardware is installed, commissioned and tested, to provide you with a proven reliable sprinkler system.

  • Maintenance: Optional planned maintenance keeps your sprinkler systems in full working order for the future.


Our scheduled maintenance service includes ongoing contracts with block management companies, so no matter how big your development is, we can keep it safe over the long term.


Contact Base Fire Sprinklers

If you're looking for a reliable third-party sub-contractor to consult on the design and installation of sprinkler systems for residential property developments, contact Base Fire Sprinklers today.

We aim to offer a seamless consultancy service, working closely with your project managers to deliver a British Standards compliant sprinkler system with efficient costing, to protect your profit margins.

At Base Fire Sprinklers, we take pride in our commitment to providing exceptional service to our clients.  We have recently completed successful projects in a variety of towns and cities across the UK including Stockport, Manchester, Warrington, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham, and Sheffield.

Our team's expertise and dedication to safety have earned us a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy partner for all of your fire sprinkler needs. From design and installation to servicing and repairs, we use only the highest quality materials and equipment to ensure that your system is operating at peak performance.


To find out more, email or call us on freephone 0800 009 6906.

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