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Domestic & Home Fire Sprinkler Systems

Our Domestic Sprinkler Systems are designed to deliver fire suppression measures often at a pressure higher than a standard domestic mains water supply can provide.


In the event of a fire, concealed sprinkler heads only in the affected area automatically descend and dispense a water spray, preventing the flames from spreading and often extinguishing the fire completely.


Even if this is not possible, sprinklers reduce the spread, minimising damage due to both fire and water until the emergency services can attend to complete the job.

When installed and maintained correctly, fire sprinkler systems work as intended in 94% of incidents, and with 99% reliability.


Base Fire Sprinklers offer a full service for the design, installation and maintenance of domestic sprinkler systems, including in Wales where sprinklers are required in all new-build domestic properties, refurbishments and extensions.

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I would like to compliment the engineers that we have met on site who have completed the servicing and repair works on the systems....I cannot find one area where I would be unhappy with the service we have received.

Jack Newell, Weaver Vale Housing Trust

How are Domestic Sprinkler Systems designed?

Base Fire Sprinklers design domestic sprinkler systems for domestic dwellings and homes of multiple occupancy, as well as properties in Wales where sprinkler systems are mandatory.


We welcome all enquiries - if you are building a new home of your own, extending an existing property or making significant changes as part of a refurb, we will be happy to help you by designing an adequate sprinkler system for your property.


Our designs are supported by cutting-edge computer software including:

  • AutoCAD computer-aided 3D rendering software for valves and pumps

  • FHC Canute hydraulic calculation software for pipes and sprinkler heads


By accurately modelling the sprinkler system in a virtual space, we ensure that it will protect the required areas of the property and make any final adjustments ahead of installation.


Our first priority in any design of fire sprinkler system for homes is to protect the lives and assets inside. This means understanding your space and needs, and designing a system that fits them perfectly.

Are Domestic Sprinkler Systems invasive?

We understand the desire to minimise the visual impact of domestic sprinkler systems, which is why we would recommend the use of concealed sprinkler heads that are fitted flush with the ceiling.


In case of fire, the sprinkler plate pops off, the sprinkler head descends from its hiding place, and a water mist is dispensed automatically, only within the affected area. The rest of the property is typically not affected by water damage, and is less likely to suffer fire or smoke damage.


Concealed sprinkler heads must not be painted over and should not be obstructed by any ceiling decorations such as decorative light fittings. We can install sprinkler plates marked 'Do Not Paint' to serve as a quick reminder of this for future residents.

Does BS 9251 apply to Domestic Fire Suppression?

The most crucial piece of legislation governing how sprinklers in houses are designed and installed is BS 9251. This British Standard defines very specific requirements regarding the equipment used, the installation process, maintenance, and much more.


Every domestic sprinkler system installed by our team is guaranteed to not only follow these fire safety guidelines, but exceed them. While our fire suppression systems and sprinklers protect properties and save lives, we understand the need for compliance with the latest law and regulations, and we can ensure your building’s fire protection protocol is up-to-date to the current standards.

Can I retrofit a sprinkler system as part of a refurb?

If you are planning to refurbish domestic premises that have no pre-existing sprinkler system, or you want to install sprinkler heads into an existing residence, our sprinkler retrofit service is the solution.


We can design a domestic sprinkler system with adequate coverage, taking into account the existing building fabric and the position of any walls, doors and so on. This can affect not only the position of the sprinkler heads, but also the storage tank and connecting pipes.


Our team is fully qualified, experienced and industry accredited, and will minimise any disruption when installing retrofit sprinkler systems, including in properties that are inhabited during the retrofit work.


Nobody should live under the threat of avoidable fire damage, injury or death, even in older properties. Retrofitting domestic sprinklers is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce that risk and to give occupants longer to evacuate when necessary.

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For All Residential Buildings

What are common Domestic Sprinkler Systems repairs?

If you have an existing domestic sprinkler system that appears to be malfunctioning, or you have any nagging doubts about your sprinkler heads or pipes, give us a call and we'll be happy to help by inspecting their condition and making appropriate recommendations.


There are many ways sprinkler systems can become damaged, for example:

  • Accidental obstruction/painting of sprinkler heads

  • Bumping into pipework during other DIY/refurb work

  • Gradual corrosion of equipment in presence of water


Diagnosing sprinkler faults can require inspection of the water supply, storage tank, connecting pipes and sprinkler heads, in order to give a comprehensive assessment of where the fault has occurred.


By ensuring we take all components into account, Base Fire Sprinklers make the most appropriate recommendations to get your residential sprinkler system restored in the fastest, most cost-effective way possible.

How can I manage Domestic Sprinkler Maintenance?

We welcome enquiries relating to regular planned maintenance schedules for residential sprinkler systems from landlords or owner-occupiers.


Inspecting domestic fire sprinklers on a regular basis allows our talented engineers to spot any evidence of emerging faults, so that suitable remediation work can be carried out to prevent the fault from impacting functionality.


As a supplier and installer of domestic sprinkler replacement parts, we can follow up on the inspection by carrying out the required repair work.


We will only recommend repairs if we truly believe they are necessary, and can provide you with a full report following our servicing and maintenance, so that you can decide for yourself whether you want to proceed.

Contact Base Fire Sprinklers

We appreciate that installing fire sprinklers in domestic properties might be a new experience for some owners and landlords. All enquiries are welcome and our team will be happy to guide you through the process from design through to installation and future maintenance.


Our expertise spans the north of England from Yorkshire to Greater Manchester and Merseyside, along with Wales where we stay fully up to date with any changes in the legislation concerning mandatory domestic sprinkler systems.


All of this is our commitment to our customers, which can be seen throughout our track record of recent projects and case studies, as well as our numerous professional accreditations.


To find out more or to ask us anything about domestic sprinkler installations, maintenance and servicing, please contact Base Fire Sprinklers today by email, telephone or using the quick message form below.

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