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Cat 2 Fire Sprinklers 

Base Fire Sprinklers design, supply, install and maintain Category 2 fire sprinkler systems.

Category 2 fire sprinkler systems are for larger blocks of flats (up to 18 metres tall), sheltered housing and care homes with up to ten residents.


Category 2 sprinkler systems are a significant step up from the requirements of a Category 1 sprinkler system, making it essential that you work with a sprinkler installation specialist who knows the latest legislation and has the tools to apply all of the mandatory requirements.


We can advise you on your obligations under British Standard BS 9251:2021 and whether your development falls within the remit of Category 1, 2, 3 or 4.


Our work includes detailed designs that take into account the new or existing utilities in your property, with our engineers' expertise supported by sophisticated CAD software and computer-based full hydraulic calculations (FHC).

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I would like to compliment the engineers that we have met on site who have completed the servicing and repair works on the systems....I cannot find one area where I would be unhappy with the service we have received.

Jack Newell, Weaver Vale Housing Trust


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Cat 1 Fire Sprinkler Systems


What are category 2 fire sprinklers?

Category 2 sprinkler systems are suitable for use in small care homes (up to ten residents), sheltered accommodation and larger blocks of flats (up to an 18-metre height limit, beyond which Category 4 rules should be applied).


When designing Category 2 sprinkler systems, the following criteria should be applied:


•         Minimum 1-2 sprinkler heads operating

•         Minimum 84-150 litres per minute of water

•         Minimum 30-minute stored water supply

•         Minimum tank size approx. 3.0-4.5 cubic metres


It's worth noting that the minimum duration of water supply that should be stored increases from 10 minutes in Category 1 to 30 minutes in Category 2, with a corresponding increase in the size of storage tank required.


During a fire, in most cases only 1-2 sprinkler heads will activate, as they work to contain the blaze within a small area and minimise fire and water damage to other parts of the property.

Sprinkler Categories

Designing Category 2 Sprinkler Systems


Just like other systems, designing Category 2 sprinkler systems requires knowledge and experience.


To do this, Base Fire Sprinklers use AutoCAD computer-aided design software, which allows us to plot your sprinkler heads within a drawing model before committing to installing them in their real-world position.


Combined with Canute FHC to calculate pipe pressure and flow rates, this means that we can optimise the design of your Category 2 sprinkler system and verify that it will deliver the quantity of water needed by the relevant building standards.


Our Category 2 sprinklers design process includes:


  • Obtaining plans of your premises and new or existing utilities

  • Initial sprinkler system created in AutoCAD

  • Calculations of valves, pipe size and storage tank requirements

  • Accurate modelling to obtain flow rates and pressure requirements within Canute FHC

  • Optimised final design produced before real-world installation


We use industry-specific, trusted software packages along with our own engineers' expertise to give you a sprinkler system that meets all the demands of Category 2 and leaves you with complete peace of mind.


Do I need Category 2 sprinklers?


We're seeing a growing number of properties subject to Category 2 sprinkler criteria, especially as rules continue to tighten in England.


Since the end of 2020, residential buildings over 11m tall in England have needed sprinklers installed - this includes mixed-use buildings with some residential accommodation included.


The overall size of the property may determine which category it falls under, but Base Fire Sprinklers can help you to determine this if you're not sure.


Remember that if you're not certain, it's sensible to do more than the mandatory requirements. This gives your property a higher level of protection and can help to future-proof your sprinkler system in case you extend the property in the future.

We are Accredited and Experienced

It is vital that your fire suppression system is designed and installed by an accredited sprinkler company to ensure you have complied with the frequently evolving regulations, insurance requirement and technical .

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Since the Grenfell Tower disaster, fire sprinkler laws in England have been tightened and the 11m height limit introduced for smaller blocks of flats.


As a result, many smaller developers are facing the need to install mandatory fire sprinklers for the first time on blocks of six storeys or more.


This is in addition to the existing rules in Scotland and Wales, where all new residential properties are likely to need sprinklers installed.


To discuss any of the above, or to ask us to help you determine which category of fire sprinklers you need, contact Base Fire Sprinklers today.

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