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Fire Sprinklers for Residential Apartments

Our tailored Residential Fire Sprinklers Systems are the most effective way to protect apartments and flats from fire damage.

Apartment blocks are subject to some of the strictest rules and regulations in the UK when it comes to the installation of fire suppression systems, and especially automated sprinkler systems.

In the years since the Grenfell Tower tragedy, devolved governments in different parts of the UK have tightened their rules and legislation on sprinkler systems for flats.

We have fully qualified and competent engineers available to install or retrofit Residential Fire Sprinklers Systems. We can help you to understand which rules apply to you and how to calculate the capacity of the sprinkler system you need to install.

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I would like to compliment the engineers that we have met on site who have completed the servicing and repair works on the systems....I cannot find one area where I would be unhappy with the service we have received.

Jack Newell, Weaver Vale Housing Trust

Why use Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems?

When it comes to fire suppression systems for flats and residential buildings, fire sprinklers are the most commonly recommended option. The technology around residential fire sprinkler systems has advanced massively in the last few decades, offering high quality solutions that provide unmatched safety, while remaining less intrusive and more cost effective than other alternatives.

Life Saving

Residential sprinkler systems save lives. This is a fact that is backed by decades of data and reporting of fires and incidents in flats and apartments. Automatic residential fire sprinklers activate rapidly: the immediate response of these systems translates to a significant reduction in incidents and fatalities.

Asset Protection

By providing a rapid response to fires, our systems protect not only lives, but also properties and valuable assets from fire damage. Limiting the spread of fire reduces the cost of repairs to buildings, and offers protection for densely populated flats and apartment buildings.

Regulation Compliance

Adhering to fire safety regulations such as BS 9251:2021 is not only a legal requirement for building managers and owners, but a crucial moral duty. Base Fire Sprinklers designs, instals, and maintains all residential apartment sprinkler systems to the latest standard.

Reduced Insurance Premiums

Many insurance companies will recognise the effectiveness of fire sprinkler systems in apartments, and adjust their premiums accordingly. In addition to reducing costs for repairs in event of a fire, building owners can also reduce their yearly costs by installing fire sprinklers.

What are the rules for Fire Sprinklers in Apartments?

Understanding the regulations surrounding fire sprinklers in apartments is crucial for ensuring safety and compliance. At Base Fire Sprinklers, we not only provide residential apartment sprinkler system services, but also guide our clients through the rules that govern fire safety in residential buildings.

These regulations outline all aspects of the systems, from water supply, to flow and pressure ranges, to components such as the system’s valves and sprinkler heads. British Standards also dictate the way fire sprinkler installations must be carried out in the UK.

The fire protection system rules that apply to your building depend on where you are in the UK:

Sprinkler Rules in Scotland

Under Standard 2.15 of the Scottish Building Standards 2020 for domestic properties, automatic fire suppression systems are mandatory in all new-build social homes, flats, and shared multi-occupied residential buildings.

This includes new developments and conversions of existing buildings (e.g. dividing an existing house into multiple apartments). Any sprinkler system installed in a Scottish flat or apartment building should comply with BS 9251.

Sprinkler Rules in Wales

Welsh sprinkler legislation is some of the strictest in the UK. It requires all new and converted dwellings (including houses and flats) to meet certain minimum standards with the installation or retrofit of automated sprinkler systems.

Again, this includes where an existing house is split into multiple apartments, or any other renovation that changes the number of dwellings within a single building. If adding additional dwellings by building an extension or converting previously non-habitable space, you should ensure that the finished premises as a whole meet the standards.

Sprinkler Rules in England

Sprinkler rules for apartments in England are less strict, but they too have been tightened since the Grenfell Tower incident. Whereas the previous height threshold was 18m, under Approved Document B of the Building Regulations all towers over 11m tall should now be equipped with automated fire suppression systems.


If you are required to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment Prioritisation under the Fire Safety Act 2021, it's also worth noting that having a sprinkler system installed reduces your risk score by 8 points, a significant contribution towards placing your apartment building into a lower fire risk banding.

Why are UK Residential Fire Sprinkler Regulations important?

The rules on sprinklers in apartment buildings vary in different parts of the UK and it's important to get it right, so that your development meets the mandatory standards for fire suppression systems.

In general, the legislation is still becoming stricter in all parts of the country, so always check if any further restrictions have been placed on developments in your location. It's likely that you will need to include fire suppression systems in your planning application, so please contact us if you need a sprinkler system design to include in your plans.

Our sprinkler system designers are fully qualified, competent engineers with industry accreditation. We keep up-to-date with the changing legislation and understand the specific rules that apply to apartments, flats, maisonettes and other such dwellings.

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For All Residential Buildings

Apartment Block Sprinkler Systems Services


Regular servicing of apartment building sprinkler systems is an essential part of keeping residents safe. As a landlord or building owner, you should talk to your tenants about this, and ensure that they allow access to private areas so that a comprehensive sprinkler system annual service can be carried out.

We would recommend getting your sprinkler system serviced in full, throughout your apartment building, at least once every 12 months. This includes checking that your tenants have not done anything that could compromise the functionality of the system, such as painting over concealed sprinkler heads.

In some installations it may be sensible to pre-empt this risk, for example by using sprinkler plates that are clearly printed with the words 'Do Not Paint'. We can help you to decide whether or not you want to adopt this approach.

How can I maintain my Apartment Sprinkler System?


We offer sprinkler system maintenance contracts to ensure that services are carried out at least every 12 months (and more often if desired) and to give you all the paperwork you need to demonstrate the fire safety of your properties.

This can include large blocks of flats with complex sprinkler systems covering many different dwellings, as well as entire estates for landlords with multiple apartment buildings to keep track of.

By arranging an ongoing sprinkler maintenance plan for your entire portfolio, you can put your trust in us to schedule annual services and any responsive maintenance and repairs as needed, so that all of your properties are adequately protected at all times.

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Get in touch

Apartment buildings are subject to some of the strictest scrutiny and tightest regulations in the UK for the installation of automatic fire suppression sprinkler systems. With the focus on high-rise fire safety in recent years and the rapid pace of change in legislation, we're here to help you meet your obligations in new-build apartment blocks, conversions into flats, or retrofitting sprinkler systems to comply with new building standards.

We are proud to have provided exceptional service and support to clients in Stockport, Manchester, Warrington, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield and beyond. Our team's extensive industry experience and commitment to safety have earned us a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy partner for all residential apartment fire sprinkler needs.

Our systems are designed and installed to BS9251:2021 standards using only approved materials and fully qualified installation engineers.

With qualified and accredited engineers with years of experience, as well as a forward-thinking approach to changing rules and regulations, Base Fire Sprinklers have everything you need to meet and exceed the mandatory requirements for apartment building sprinkler systems.

To make an initial enquiry or to ask us about the rules that apply to you under current legislation, contact us today.

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