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Fire Sprinkler System Services for Carehomes

High-quality Care Home Fire Suppression Systems are crucial to protect both lives and buildings from damage.


Base Fire Sprinklers is proud to be a leading provider of Care Home Fire Suppression Systems in the UK. Our team of experts specialises in the design, installation, and maintenance of sprinklers for care homes across the UK.


With a deep understanding of the unique needs of care homes, we ensure that our care home sprinkler systems are not only highly effective but also easy to use and maintain. Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your care home is protected from the dangers of fire.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our Care Home Fire Suppression Systems and it’s important to us that this quality is recognised by the national organised FPA. Additionally, we've been accredited by the UK's leading health and safety organisation, SafeContractor, for our excellence in providing Care Home Fire Suppression Systems.

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I would like to compliment the engineers that we have met on site who have completed the servicing and repair works on the systems....I cannot find one area where I would be unhappy with the service we have received.

Jack Newell, Weaver Vale Housing Trust

Why are Care Home Fire Suppression Systems important?


With residents whose needs vary significantly, including infirm and immobile individuals, fire suppression systems for care homes are essential to control and prevent the spread of fires.


Home Office figures show that in 2010-21, there were over 8,000 primary fires in UK care homes. Numbers have been falling but there were still 500 incidents in the 2020-21 tax year alone.


Fatalities are thankfully low - 26 since 2010 and just one in 2020-21 - but non-fatal injuries are much more frequent, with more than 1,200 since 2010. Nearly half (about 590) casualties were aged 65 or over.


Care homes are not only for the elderly, and can also include babies, children and working-age adults. Adequate care home sprinkler systems are important at all ages, to protect lives and property.


Base Fire Sprinklers are proud to provide fully accredited end-to-end care home sprinkler systems design, installation and maintenance.

Can I Retrofit Sprinklers in Care Homes?


Care home refurbishments should include retrofitted sprinkler systems as a matter of course, even if they are not required by legislation. If you're not sure, we can help you to determine whether you are legally obliged to have a sprinkler system.


In any case, we can recommend the location of sprinkler heads, the pipework to connect them, and the wet risers and water tanks needed to supply adequate pressure.


Residential care homes should be comfortable and welcoming, and concealed sprinkler heads are among the least intrusive fire protection measures you can use, while offering some of the highest reliability and effectiveness.


We would recommend retrofitting sprinklers during any extension works too, to provide comprehensive protection across the new and pre-existing premises.

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For All Care Homes

What regulations apply to Care Home Sprinklers?


In the UK, care homes must comply with strict fire safety regulations. Installing fire sprinkler systems is a key component of these safety measures. Here are the essential regulations care homes must follow:

  • BS EN 12845:2015: Specifies requirements for the design, installation, and maintenance of automatic fire sprinkler systems, ensuring reliability and high performance.

  • BS 9251:2021: This British Standard provides guidelines for sprinkler systems in residential settings, tailored to the unique needs of care homes for optimal protection.

  • Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005: Legally obligates care home managers to conduct fire risk assessments and implement adequate fire safety measures, including sprinklers.

  • Building Regulations Approved Document B (Fire Safety): Offers comprehensive guidance on fire safety in buildings, detailing requirements for detection, alarm, suppression systems, and means of escape.

  • Local Authority and Fire and Rescue Service Requirements: Local requirements often include fire sprinkler systems. Consulting with authorities ensures full compliance and enhanced safety.

Adhering to these regulations not only ensures the safety of care home residents but also enhances the home's reputation and trustworthiness. Compliance can also impact insurance premiums and coverage positively. Demonstrating knowledge and adherence to these standards positions our company as a reliable and expert provider of fire sprinkler systems for care homes.


Care Home Sprinkler System Repairs


While sprinkler systems are very reliable, a malfunctioning sprinkler head could be enough to allow fire to spread to an adjacent room or area, potentially allowing the blaze to get out of control.


An inspection by a qualified engineer is all that is needed to prevent this, by diagnosing any faults with your sprinklers or water supply, and installing replacement sprinkler heads or other hardware as needed to restore functionality.


Our team understands the sensitive nature of care homes, especially in the presence of young, elderly or vulnerable occupants, and will always work in a way that respects privacy and minimises disruption both in communal areas and in private rooms. If you have any concerns about the condition of your care home fire suppression system, call us and one of our accredited engineers will inspect your sprinkler heads, pipework and water tank.

Care Home Sprinklers Servicing and Maintenance


Planned maintenance for care home sprinkler systems can anticipate emerging problems and take action to prevent them, to reduce repair costs and ensure the sprinklers function correctly in case of an incident.


We offer comprehensive scheduled sprinkler maintenance for care homes, covering common concerns such as:

  • Check sprinkler heads are not obstructed or painted over

  • Check pipes are free-flowing and in good condition

  • Check water storage tanks for leaks and blockages

Following a detailed inspection by one of our qualified engineers, we will provide you with a full report of our findings, along with any recommended repairs or other maintenance work we believe is necessary to keep your sprinklers fully operational.


We can carry out any such work, including the supply of replacement hardware and fittings, and will only recommend repairs and maintenance that we think are necessary or essential to safeguard your premises and occupants.


Common Myths and Misconceptions


There are many misconceptions about fire sprinkler systems that can cause unnecessary concern. It’s important to address these myths to highlight the true benefits and reliability of modern fire sprinkler technology.

All Sprinklers Go Off at Once

Only the sprinkler heads directly affected by heat activate. This targeted response minimises water damage, as only the fire-affected area is doused.

Fire Sprinklers Cause Extensive Water Damage

Modern systems are designed to release water only in the fire-affected area. This controlled activation results in significantly less water damage compared to the use of fire hoses by firefighters.

Sprinklers are Unreliable and May Fail to Activate

Technological advancements have greatly increased the reliability and responsiveness of fire sprinkler systems. Rigorous testing and adherence to standards like BS EN 12845 and BS 9251 ensure their effectiveness.

Fire Sprinklers are Cost-Prohibitive

While there is an initial investment, the long-term benefits, including potential insurance savings and protection of lives and property, make fire sprinklers a cost-effective safety measure.

Sprinklers are Unsightly and Disruptive

Modern fire sprinklers are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and discreet. Many systems can blend seamlessly with interior decor, ensuring they do not detract from the comfort and appearance of care homes.


Debunking these common myths helps alleviate concerns about fire sprinkler systems. Understanding the true functionality and benefits of these systems highlights their importance in ensuring the safety and well-being of care home residents. Investing in reliable fire sprinkler systems provides peace of mind and enhances the overall safety of care homes.


Find out more about care home sprinkler systems

For more information about anything discussed on this page, or to ask us about any other aspects of fire sprinklers for your care home construction or renovation, contact us today and we'll be happy to arrange a no-obligation consultation.

Whether you're at the design and installation stage, or you'd like us to check that an existing sprinkler system is in fully working order, our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to safeguard your residents and give you that all-important peace of mind.

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If you are a care home operator and would like to know more about our work in this area, please contact Base Fire Sprinklers today. We are always happy to talk about our recent projects and what we can do to protect your personnel and vulnerable tenants.


We work across the north of England including Liverpool, Leeds and Sheffield, with a focus on Manchester, Stockport, Warrington and the surrounding areas. All enquiries are welcome, including new-build care homes, refurbishments and retrofits.


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