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Care Home Sprinkler System Design & Installation

Peace of mind for Care Home Owners and Operators.

Base Fire Sprinklers' expertise in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of care home fire sprinkler systems gives providers peace of mind about the protection of property and the adequate safeguarding of residents.


In the event of a fire, sprinkler systems operate as planned in 94% of cases, with 99% effectiveness at controlling the spread of the fire. This gives staff valuable extra minutes to implement emergency evacuation procedures of vulnerable residents.


Meet your safeguarding obligations, reduce fire damage to your premises during an incident, and benefit from early warnings and automated fire suppression.


To find out more, read on or contact Base Fire Sprinklers today to discuss your care home's fire safety needs.

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Care home fire safety regulations

Fire safety regulations were brought together under a single item of legislation, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order) 2005, which was implemented in October 2006.

The legislation - which does not apply to domestic residences - includes residential care homes. Premises should nominate a responsible individual with responsibility for every aspect of on-site fire safety.

Parts of the UK take a stricter approach; for example in Scotland, where legislation requires compulsory fire sprinkler systems in newly built care homes since 2005, and in Wales where similar legislation was introduced in 2016.

It's important for care home providers to know their obligations, and Base Fire Sprinklers can provide consultation on this.

Why do care home sprinklers matter?

Fire sprinklers for care homes provide more than just peace of mind. There are benefits in a number of different areas, including:


  • Protection of property by isolating fire/water damage in a small area and preventing fire spread.

  • Safeguarding residents by allowing orderly evacuation and suppressing/delaying spread of smoke.

  • Additional protection for vulnerable individuals including poor mobility, impaired vision/hearing, elderly people, dementia and Alzheimer's sufferers.


The full spectrum of care home provision includes people of all ages, including children living in care, individuals with autism and down's syndrome, drug-dependent residents and more.


Fire is a universal threat - but care home sprinkler systems are a universal precaution, capable of protecting all categories of residents equally and automatically.


With Base Fire Sprinklers' help, you can ensure your sprinklers provide sufficient coverage to protect all residents and personnel, and to meet the legal minimum standards for water tank capacity and sprinkler head flow rates.


Care home fire risk assessments

Fire sprinkler systems can form a core part of your care home fire risk assessment, directly addressing problems such as containing fire within one area, and ensuring a safe escape route for as long as possible.


Sprinkler systems should be compliant with British Standard BS 9251 and Code of Practice BS DD 9999, including clause 8.5.3 which allows for a reduction in the premises' risk profile is a suitable sprinkler system is in place.


Every property is unique in its layout and minimum capacity demands, and the size of your care home can influence which sprinkler category it falls within; Base Fire Sprinklers can consult on this and help you to understand how many sprinkler heads you need to install.

Residential Building
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For All Residential Buildings

Protecting What Matters

Essentials of Care Home Sprinkler Design 


Care home sprinkler system designs need to combine functionality with aesthetics, and Base Fire Sprinklers have the expertise to do both.


Our design process is meticulous and completely bespoke, ensuring that your sprinkler heads are positioned for the most effective and reliable coverage.


When designed correctly, a compliant sprinkler system works as intended in 94% of incidents and offers 99% reliability at controlling the spread of fire.


To achieve the highest reliability, we use sophisticated 3D computer-aided design packages like AutoCAD and FHC Canute, which allow us to simulate pressure and flow rates to supply the necessary water to every sprinkler head on your property.


Care Home Sprinkler System Installation


We can install sprinkler systems in care homes in cooperation with other trades working on new-build construction, as well as retrofitting sprinklers in care homes already in operation or undergoing refurbishment (see below).


Our installation work is always in compliance with the relevant British Standards including BS9251, and any other building regulations that apply. We ensure our engineers are fully aware of any updated building codes and how they affect our work.


Following on from our cutting-edge design process, we can use modern sprinkler materials and equipment to achieve an aesthetic and efficient finish:


  • Flexible, temperature-resistant CPVC pipes

  • Concealed sprinkler heads that descend when needed


By involving Base Fire Sprinklers in your design, build or refurbishment, we can ensure that we produce plans that take account of the materials used and visual impact of your sprinkler system.


Contact Base Fire Sprinklers

We aim to offer a high-standard of customer service, working closely with care home providers, operators and owners to deliver a British Standards compliant sprinkler system with efficient costing, to protect your profit margins.

At Base Fire Sprinklers, we take pride in our commitment to providing exceptional service to our clients.  We have recently completed successful care home spinkler system projects in a variety of towns and cities across the UK including Stockport, Manchester, Warrington, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham, and Sheffield.

Our team's expertise and dedication to safety have earned us a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy partner for all of your fire sprinkler needs. From design and installation to servicing and repairs, we use only the highest quality materials and equipment to ensure that your system is operating at peak performance.


To find out more, contact us today.

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