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Fire Suppression Systems for Offices

Office Sprinkler Systems are crucial in densely populated workplaces. Without them, a minor fire can quickly turn into a catastrophic event, risking the lives of your employees and the future of your company’s entity. 

One of your primary responsibilities as a business owner or administrator is to ensure your office is safe from all types of safety, security and fire risks. When considering fire safety, there are, of course, moral obligations, but there are also strict regulations you must follow to keep your employees and property, as well as any visitors, safe.

Correctly installing an office fire sprinkler system is equally as critical as the value of the system itself. No matter what challenges your building presents, Base Fire Sprinklers has the experience to ensure your system works its best. As proactive problem solvers, we will work together with you to find a viable solution.

Base Fire Sprinklers has a wealth of experience in installing fire sprinkler systems in all types of residential and commercial buildings. We offer innovative sprinkler solutions for your business’ entity to ensure the safety and protection of your employee’s lives whilst maintaining your office’s integrity.


Guarantee your peoples’ and property’s safety by installing Base Fire Sprinkler’s Office Sprinkler Systems.

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Our Recent Projects

I would like to compliment the engineers that we have met on site who have completed the servicing and repair works on the systems....I cannot find one area where I would be unhappy with the service we have received.

Jack Newell, Weaver Vale Housing Trust

What are the Fire Risks in Offices?

There are numerous fire hazards in an office environment, all of which can cause devastating, sometimes even fatal, fires. Some of the primary causes of office fires include:


  • Flammable and combustible liquids/materials

  • Clutter

  • Faulty electrical equipment

  • Arson

  • Human error/negligence

  • Dust and debris

  • Overusing a power socket

  • Smoking-related incidents


According to the Association of British Insurers, around 60% of private businesses don't recover from a fire. Therefore, if you want to reduce the fire risks in your office, you should seek to install and maintain a top-quality Office Sprinkler System today.

Office Fire Safety Matters

Morgan Clark Insurance previously reported that there were a total of 366 office fires over the 2022/23 period. The good news is that this is a 54% decrease from five years ago due to better equipment and raised awareness of the importance of fire safety in office environments.


But that doesn’t mean the risk isn’t still there. According to the London Fire Brigade, electrical distribution, lighting and smoking-related incidents make up a significant percentage of office-related fires:


  • Electrical distribution: 32%

  • Lighting: 14%

  • Smoking-related: 11%


You’re not only risking lives if you don’t act responsibly regarding fire safety in your office; it’s also the law, and you can be fined or even face prison time if you don’t meet your legal obligations.

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For All

Office Buildings

What are the Fire Regulations for Offices?

In the UK, office buildings must adhere to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which consolidates all fire safety laws. No matter the size of your office, you must implement several critical safety measures to ensure compliance:


  1. Conduct an annual Fire Risk Assessment.

  2. Appoint a ‘Responsible Person’ for fire safety.

  3. Install appropriate fire extinguishers and fire safety signage.

  4. Ensure fire wardens are appointed and trained.


For offices over 18 metres in height, additional systems like dry risers (or wet risers for buildings over 60 metres) are necessary for aiding firefighting efforts by facilitating water movement throughout the building. These systems, along with emergency lighting, fire doors and alarms, are pivotal, especially in multi-story buildings, which pose significant evacuation challenges.


Additionally, sprinkler systems are becoming increasingly recognised for their effectiveness in controlling fires before they escalate. It is worth noting that if you have an Office Sprinkler System installed, you must have it serviced in line with the requirements of BS EN 12845

Designing sprinkler systems for office buildings

At Base Fire Sprinklers, we service and maintain sprinkler systems for all types of businesses. We design fire sprinkler systems modified for office environments, considering each office’s unique layout, size and local fire code requirements to ensure compliance and maximum protection.


We also carefully consider factors including the type of sprinkler heads, water supply and potential dangers, including hazardous materials or high-voltage equipment. Using advanced computer modelling, we calculate the necessary water flow rates and tank sizes and simulate the optimal placement of sprinkler heads.


Partner with our qualified fire protection engineers to ensure your Office Sprinkler System meets all safety codes and is tailored for comprehensive coverage, guaranteeing safety and code compliance.

Choose Base Fire Sprinklers for your Office Sprinkler System

To learn more about our fire sprinkler systems for office buildings or book an initial consultation or audit of your premises, call Base Fire Sprinklers today or fill in our online message form, and one of our engineers will contact you as soon as possible.

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