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Fire Suppression System Installation & Maintenance

At Base Fire Sprinklers we are focused on quality services aimed at getting it right for you.

At Base, we aim to deliver a planned and proactive service to all our clients throughout the UK.


Our team will be on hand to guide you through all stages of the project from enquiry to completion.

For a professional service from one of the country's leading sprinkler contractors get in touch with Base Fire Sprinklers today.

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Our Fire Suppression System Services

Design & Consultation

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Maintenance Contract

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Commercial Sprinkler Servicing

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How it works...



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Our engineers will test the system to make sure it works perfectly

How can we help with your Fire Suppression Systems

The services we offer at Base Fire Sprinklers cover all aspects of fire sprinkler and automatic fire suppression systems, for both residential and commercial buildings. Everything we do prioritises safety and legal compliance to current regulations, putting you in control of your building’s fire safety.

Design & Consultation

Our fire suppression system designers have decades of experience when it comes to planning the right system for any project. We take all factors into consideration, such as the usage of the building, layout, and regulations.

We'll provide you with all the information you need to confidently choose the suppression system that better suits your circumstances, and expertly design a tailored solution.


Our systems can be installed in a wide range of settings from small care home developments, to large multi-storey apartment blocks. Our fire suppression installers prioritise your needs, minimising disruption and carrying out installation in a safe and compliant manner to all buildings.


Providing fire suppression system repair services is vital to ensuring your fire protection system is working at its full potential. It is easy to neglect this part of the process, but carrying out regular services is a must, and often a legal requirement.

We cover domestic properties throughout the UK to ensure your home, belongings and loved ones are safe and protected.

Maintenance Contract

Whether we have followed your project from the very start, or you are looking for an expert fire suppression company to support your needs going forward, our fire suppression maintenance contracts allow you to stay on top of regular services, giving you the peace of mind of constantly performing protection.

Have a sprinkler system inspection annually by one of our fully qualified engineers to ensure your property is protected all year round.


Many older buildings may have outdated fire suppression solutions in place - and, at times, none at all. Retrofitting fire suppression systems brings these buildings up to date with current regulations, and Base Fire Sprinklers carries these processes out with great care not to disrupt the operations or aesthetic of the premises.

With years of experience installing sprinklers in redeveloped and occupied buildings, we have installed sprinklers in a wide range of environments.

Commercial Building Sprinkler Servicing

If you own or manage a commercial building, ensuring the safety of occupants, staff, and property is a priority. Our commercial building fire suppression system services allow you to focus on the business, while we make sure the building is safe and up to date with all current fire safety regulations.

We provide servicing and maintenance services for sprinkler systems for a wide range of commercial buildings, including schools, offices, restaurants, and shopping centres.


Saving you time & money

Having a fire suppression system installed is the most cost effective way to protect your property from a fire. 

Domestic and residential suppression systems have a lifespan of around 30-50 years and the price of the system can be paid off by reductions in insurance premiums within 10 years. 

A property without a modern fire suppression system will suffer fire and smoke damage as well as water damage caused by the firefighting hose. In a scenario like this, the cost of repairs is much greater than the minimal damage caused by 1 or 2 heads operating as part of an automatic sprinkler system.


Damage from a fire would result in the relocation of all residents for a period of time. However, if your system suppresses the fire effectively, the property is often habitable within 24 hours.

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Talk to our specialist Fire Suppression Engineers

When it comes to choosing a company to design, maintain, or install a fire suppression system in your building, you cannot afford anything but the best. Base Fire Sprinklers has been leading the field for over 30 years, with a deep knowledge of equipment, regulations, and industry standards.

We use cutting-edge technology to bring modern fire suppression solutions to all applications. Whether you are looking for commercial, domestic, or residential fire suppression system services, design, and installation, we can help.

Base Fire Sprinklers offers services across the North West of England, and the whole of the UK. Contact us today to speak to our fire suppression engineers, and assess your project.

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