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Sprinkler System Services for M&E Contractors

Base Fire Sprinklers works alongside M&E contractors, advising about the planning, designing and maintenance of fire sprinkler systems for the projects they are working on.

In the construction and maintenance of modern buildings, fire safety measures are a fundamental aspect of architectural integrity and occupant safety, and M&E contractors play a crucial role in this process.


At Base Fire Sprinklers, we design our fire sprinkler systems to meet the highest safety and efficiency standards, complying with stringent British Standards and industry-specific certifications.


By partnering with us, M&E contractors can be sure they’re working with a top-tier provider of innovative and reliable fire sprinkler solutions.

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Call us now on 0800 009 6906.

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Expert Advice on Fire Sprinkler Systems

At Base Fire Sprinklers, our expertise extends across the entire lifecycle of the sprinkler system.


We partner with M&E contractors from the earliest planning stages to the ongoing maintenance of installed systems. We tailor our advisory services to ensure that every fire sprinkler system is tailored for its specific environment and meets all regulatory requirements while supporting the contractor’s goals for efficiency and budget.


Base Fire Sprinklers has comprehensive accreditations and a long-standing reputation for quality. We uphold the highest industry standards as a SafeContractor-approved entity with FPA and BAFSA memberships.


Our certifications from FIRAS and UKAS further highlight our commitment to excellence in fire safety.

Professional Fire Protection Advice for M&E at Every Stage

Planning and Consultation

We engage with M&E contractors during the initial planning phase to assess the specific needs of each project, which involves thorough site evaluations, risk assessments and collaboration with project architects and developers to integrate fire safety systems seamlessly into the overall design. In doing so, we can identify the most effective solutions early in the process, saving time and reducing costs for our partners.


Design and Engineering Expertise

Our design team leverages advanced software tools like AutoCAD and Canute FHC to create precise and customised fire sprinkler designs. Adhering to the latest standards, including BS9251 and BS9990, ensures that all designs maximise safety and functionality. We tailor each system to exceed the stringent requirements of British Standards and other regulatory bodies.

Implementation and Installation

Base Fire Sprinklers prides itself on its thorough installation process. We work closely with M&E contractors to coordinate the installation phase, ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing operations. Our highly-trained team implements systems efficiently, adhering strictly to the agreed-upon specifications and timelines.

Maintenance and System Optimisation

We offer comprehensive maintenance services designed to keep fire sprinkler systems at peak performance. Regular inspections, testing and necessary adjustments are part of our routine service, which helps to prolong the systems’ lifespans and ensure they remain compliant with all safety standards.

Technology and Innovation in Fire Safety

Base Fire Sprinklers is committed to innovation, constantly integrating new technologies that enhance the effectiveness and reliability of fire sprinkler systems. Precise planning and implementation ensures every system is optimised for specific site conditions and requirements.

Collaboration for Success

Our approach is collaborative and client-focused. We understand that the success of a fire safety system lies not only in its design and installation but also in its integration with other building services. By working closely with M&E contractors, we ensure that fire sprinkler systems are functional and aesthetically aligned with the overall building design, guaranteeing a seamless fit with other mechanical and electrical installations.


Water Tank Capacity Calculator

Our Online Water Tank Size Calculator provides a free estimate of tank size requirements for a residential fire sprinkler system. This easy-to-use online tool will help you determine the right sizing for your water tank needs.

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Choose Base Fire Sprinklers

Base Fire Sprinklers offers top-tier fire safety solutions to M&E contractors across key UK cities, including Stockport, Manchester, Warrington, Liverpool, Leeds and Sheffield. Recognised for our expertise and commitment to safety, we provide comprehensive support for integrating fire safety systems within complex projects.

We design our services to meet the specific needs of M&E contractors, from expert design and precise installation to ongoing service and repairs. We use only the highest quality materials and equipment to ensure optimal performance and compliance with safety standards.

Our maintenance programs ensure that your fire systems are consistently monitored and maintained, giving you peace of mind and reliability.

Contact Base Fire Sprinklers today to learn more about how we can assist you, or visit our design, installation & servicing, and repairs pages to explore our tailored services for M&E contractors.

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