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Fire Sprinkler Maintenance Contracts & Testing

Fire Sprinkler Maintenance is a way to spot any damage or degradation to your sprinkler heads and pipes, which residents may not have noticed or reported. It is not just about ensuring proper operation in the event of a fire.

With an annual inspection (or more frequent if desired) you benefit from the expert opinion of one of our trained and qualified engineers, to maintain the high levels of reliability in your fire protection.

Proof of recent Fire Sprinkler Maintenance can also provide you with the paperwork you need to attract tenants, particularly in high-rise buildings where concerns surrounding fire safety and sprinkler systems are still at the top of the agenda.

When you choose Base Fire Sprinklers for your sprinkler maintenance, you can be sure to have one of the leading fire sprinkler maintenance companies in the North West by your side. Contact us today to discuss your maintenance needs.

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I would like to compliment the engineers that we have met on site who have completed the servicing and repair works on the systems....I cannot find one area where I would be unhappy with the service we have received.

Jack Newell, Weaver Vale Housing Trust

Who needs fire sprinklers maintenance?

You can think of scheduled, regular Fire Sprinkler Maintenance as similar to your annual boiler service. There doesn't need to be anything visibly wrong in order to arrange a maintenance check-up. In fact, identifying faults before they become an issue is one of the main purposes of an annual sprinkler inspection.

Because of this, sprinkler maintenance contracts are suitable at all scales:

  • A single residence, block of flats or care home

  • Landlords with multiple residential properties

  • New-builds and refurbishments with sprinklers installed

It's sensible to arrange sprinkler maintenance contracts starting from the day your sprinklers are installed. While modern sprinkler systems are designed to be as reliable as possible, it's crucial to spot any faults as early as you can, so maintenance and repair work can take place.

What are the regulations for fire sprinkler maintenance?

In most applications, there is a legal requirement to carry out maintenance of fire sprinkler systems every 12 months. The need for fire suppression systems to be operating at their maximum potential has become incredibly relevant in the last few years, and they can only do that if they are maintained properly.

The standard for maintenance of fire sprinkler systems in the UK is outlined in the BS9251:2021. Fire sprinkler system maintenance to this standard can protect residential and commercial buildings from fires for many years, with great success rate.​


What is our Fire Sprinkler Maintenance process?

When we carry out our regular maintenance for fire sprinkler systems, we follow a meticulous process to ensure the safety and efficiency of the system.


We will approach the following tasks:


Our technicians will carry out a thorough inspection, ensuring the sprinkler system is installed correctly and does not show any clear signs of damage, corrosion, or malfunction.


We will perform comprehensive testing of the system, which includes an examination of all components and controls, including sprinkler heads, control valves, and alarm systems for automatic sprinklers.


If necessary, we will carry out repairs or replace parts. These will only be the highest quality parts available, and comply with all current legal requirements.

Schedule Maintenance

In order to remain organised and make sure your system is always performing as well as it can, we can create a detailed schedule for regular maintenance following a service. We can tailor this to your needs, whether you manage commercial buildings or need to maintain residential and domestic fire sprinkler systems.

What is checked during a sprinkler inspection?


We can offer a bespoke sprinkler inspection to include any areas of concern, but generally speaking we will take a careful look at all of the main components of your sprinkler system and let you know if we find any faults or signs of damage.

Some of the things we can look for include:

  • Carrying out a thorough pressure and flow test

  • Examining the overall age of the system

  • Checking the water supply (tank or mains)

  • Ensuring the pumps function as designed and are installed correctly

  • Verifying the correct position and operation of the system’s valves

If your sprinkler system is attached to an alarm, we can verify that the alarm functions as desired in case of an incident. Remember, an annual sprinkler inspection is both to verify the system is in good condition, and also to ensure the safety of residents. Having a qualified and competent person carry out your fire sprinkler inspection guarantees your system is in good shape, and can minimise the need for repairs, representing a safe and cost effective solution.

Scheduled Sprinkler Maintenance


We offer scheduled services and repairs for sprinkler systems under our maintenance contracts. While we hope to find no problems with your sprinklers, we are able to supply and retrofit replacement parts including tanks, pipes and sprinkler heads as required.

As always, we carry out any installations and retrofits as quickly and efficiently as possible, to restore your sprinkler system to full working order with the minimum of cost, mess and fuss.

Our fully trained engineers mean that whether it's the initial inspection or the subsequent installation, every part of the process is delivered to the highest of standards and you always know why we have made a particular recommendation.

Can I have a Fire Sprinkler Maintenance Contract for multiple sites?


As mentioned above, you may have multiple sprinkler systems spanning a portfolio of properties.

We can offer maintenance contracts for multiple sites, so that all of your properties are fully protected with a well-maintained sprinkler system in each. Every inspection is approached in its own right and with an open mind, so that nothing can be missed. 

Base Fire Sprinklers will always tailor maintenance contracts for clients. Whether you are only managing a couple of properties, or a portfolio of sites across the UK, we can support you and guarantee their safety.

Having a maintenance contract for multiple properties can streamline your sprinkler maintenance process, with consistent and compliant inspections and testing. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Commercial sprinkler maintenance contracts


While we focus on domestic and residential fire sprinkler systems for our design and installation work, Base Fire Sprinklers are able to offer annual commercial sprinkler maintenance contracts, for a wide range of commercial premises including:

  • Offices

  • Restaurants

  • Schools

  • Shopping Centres

We welcome any enquiries relating to maintenance contracts for commercial sprinkler systems, so if you manage a property that is not listed above, please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss your needs.

As with residential sprinkler systems, we are able to offer maintenance for commercial sprinklers, giving you complete peace of mind in case of a future fire.

Sprinkler maintenance from Day One 


If you choose Base Fire Sprinklers to design, supply and install your sprinklers, we will carry out the necessary initial checks to verify that the system is working correctly. This provides an excellent basis for ongoing maintenance in the years that follow.

By choosing us as your scheduled maintenance provider, you benefit from a fully joined-up service. We will be familiar with the specific products installed, as well as the layout of your pipework and location of your sprinkler heads.

This allows us to assess the condition of your sprinkler system with good knowledge of its characteristics on the day it was installed, making it more likely that our engineers will notice relatively minor deviations from expected performance, which can be resolved promptly before they escalate into more extensive (and expensive) emergency repairs.

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Why choose Base Fire Sprinklers?

Base Fire Sprinklers is committed to the highest standards of excellence, with a team of qualified and fully trained engineers ready to inspect your sprinkler systems on an annual basis, so that you can benefit directly from any recommendations of pre-emptive repair work and sprinkler retro fits. We can help you ensure your fire suppression systems are always working at their full potential.

Our initial quotes are free of charge and without obligation, so there's no risk involved with getting a price from Base Fire Sprinklers for a fire sprinkler maintenance contract.

With a number of professional memberships and industry certifications under our belt, you can also verify via respected third-parties that we can offer you the reliable sprinkler maintenance you need.

We are proud to have provided exceptional service and support to clients in Stockport, Manchester, Warrington, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield and beyond. Our team's extensive industry experience and commitment to safety have earned us a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy partner for all of your fire sprinkler needs.


Our systems are designed and installed to BS9251:2021 British Standard using only approved materials and fully qualified installation engineers.

If you would like to find out more or request a free, no-obligation quote for our regular sprinkler maintenance contracts, please get in touch today.

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