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Maximising Safety: The Art of Custom Fire Sprinkler System Design

Base Fire Sprinklers specialise in fully custom fire sprinkler system design. But how does a bespoke sprinkler system help to maximise safety?


In this guide we'll take a look at how fire sprinkler systems improve safety in different types of buildings, and why it's crucial that your sprinkler system is designed for the unique characteristics of your premises.


Overview of the Importance of Fire Sprinkler Systems


Fire is costly, damaging and dangerous. A 2023 Home Office report put the cost of fire consequences in England, including property damage, injury, fatalities and loss of business, at over £3 billion, or £45,000 per fire.


Understanding Fire Sprinkler Systems


Sprinkler systems are a cost-effective, highly reliable way to reduce the impact of fires. They work to contain fires within one small area, either extinguishing the blaze or suppressing it until emergency services can respond.


Fire sprinklers activate as intended in 94% of incidents and are 99% reliable at controlling fires, but it's important for the sprinkler system to be designed correctly, in order to maximise these very high success rates.


Every building is unique, with its own fire hazards and architectural challenges. Base Fire Sprinklers use sophisticated computer-aided design techniques to model our sprinkler systems before installation, allowing us to check water flow rates and optimise the position of sprinkler heads.


Effective Solutions in Various Settings


Fire sprinkler systems can protect commercial, industrial and residential premises, and solutions should be tailored to the environment. For example, in residential accommodation, the priority might be safe evacuation of residents, whereas in commercial buildings you may want to ensure equipment is protected.


Base Fire Sprinklers' experienced engineers can take all of these considerations into account, designing and computer-modelling custom fire sprinkler systems that deliver across all key criteria.


Industry standards like BS 9251 and BS EN 12845 set out certain criteria that fire safety systems must meet. This gives you reassurance that bespoke sprinkler systems are all of a good standard.

Assessment and Planning: Understanding the Building's Specific Needs


In the realm of fire safety, a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn't cut it. Each building is unique, with its own set of challenges and requirements.


At Base Fire Sprinklers, we understand that a thorough assessment is a crucial step in fire sprinkler system design.


Our team conducts a detailed evaluation of the building's architecture, occupancy, and fire risk factors. This process allows us to grasp the specific needs and design a system that is not just effective but also compliant with BS 9251:2021.


So, how do we assess the building - and crucially, how do we understand exactly what is needed from the sprinkler system?


Selecting the Right Components


A key part of our expertise is knowing the right components for different premises. This includes deciding the size of water tank and pump you will need, as well as aesthetic considerations like using concealed sprinkler heads in residential properties.Sprinkler heads, pipes, and pumps must be chosen based on the building's specific needs. Each component is selected with precision, ensuring that they will work reliably to offer maximum protection over the long term.


Integration of Technology


Computer-aided design using AutoCAD and water flow rate calculations performed in Canute FHD allow us to see how your custom sprinkler system will work, so we can make any changes before installation.These software applications enable us to create detailed and precise design layouts. The use of these technologies not only streamlines our design process but also allows for the visualisation of the entire system before installation. This integration of technology ensures that we remain agile, streamlined, and adaptable, setting us apart in the industry.


Key Considerations in Custom Sprinkler System Design


The design of a custom fire sprinkler system is a complex task that requires consideration of various factors.


We focus on the building's layout, ensuring that sprinkler heads are placed strategically for maximum coverage. Water supply and storage are also critical; our designs include a careful calculation of water requirements to ensure that the system functions effectively in the event of a fire.

Additionally, we consider aesthetic factors, especially in residential and visible commercial areas, to ensure that the system blends seamlessly with the building's design.



Space Utilisation and Aesthetic Impact


Efficiency is a key consideration in bespoke fire sprinkler system design - so what do we do to make the best use of your space?


Water Supply and Storage


There are certain minimum standards in place to ensure your on-site water storage tank has the capacity to feed your sprinkler heads for a minimum length of time. We take care of these complicated calculations, so that you know your system will comply with those rules.


Maintenance and Accessibility


Sprinkler systems need occasional maintenance to check they're still in good working order. We take this into account, so you can access all the necessary parts of your system in future for planned and/or responsive maintenance.


Installation and Testing


When it comes to installing your system, we will keep disruption to a minimum, especially in active workplaces and occupied residences. We'll also make sure everything is fully tested, so you know your sprinkler system is ready to go.


The Role of Advanced Software in Design and Simulation


Base Fire Sprinklers believe strongly in the use of modern methods when designing and simulating bespoke sprinkler systems - as mentioned above, we use AutoCAD and Canute FHD for this, and it allows us to design truly bespoke fire sprinkler systems that deliver the best possible safety protection.


Emerging Trends and Technologies in Fire Sprinkler Systems


We're seeing a continual tightening of regulations on fire sprinkler systems. In the years to come, we expect to see sprinklers become mandatory in smaller warehouses, shorter tower blocks, and in new-build and renovated residential properties throughout the UK.


Future Directions in Fire Safety and Prevention


Incidents like Grenfell Tower tragically highlight the importance of fire prevention, but also of adequate fire safety measures to allow evacuation and save human lives.


We've come a long way in the UK in terms of using more fire-safe materials over the past 50 years; now it's time to prioritise a building-by-building approach to preventing and controlling fires, to ensure that premises of all types put occupant safety first.


Why Choose Base Fire Sprinklers for Custom Fire Sprinkler System Design?


Choose Base Fire Sprinklers for unparalleled expertise in custom fire sprinkler system design. Our years of experience, coupled with our commitment to technology and customer service, ensure that your fire sprinkler system is not just a safety feature, but a tailored solution designed to meet the unique needs of your building. Contact us today to learn more about our fire sprinkler design services.

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